Welcome to the Jackson Hospital Pricing Coordination Center! From here, you will be able to look up pricing as listed on the chargemasters for the hospital or Chipola Surgical and Medical Specialties Physician Practices, as well as utilize our price transparency tool customized by insurance companies we have contracted. Just click to begin!

What is Price Transparency?
In 2020, CMS finalized policies that lay the foundation for a patient-driven health care system by making prices for items and services provided by all hospitals in the United States more transparent for patients so that they can be more informed about what they might pay. This system requires that we, as a hospital, are required to make public a yearly list of the standard charges for items and services provided by us and our underlying Chipola Surgical & Medical Specialties group.

Price Transparency Tool

What is a Chargemaster?
A chargemaster is a comprehensive, itemized list of all the costs of products, procedures, and services involved with your healthcare needs. Please keep in mind that our hospital chargemaster has a list of our items along with the minumum and maximum allowed amounts for our insurance contracts that are negotiated. However, some items are a portion of a larger procedure charge and therefore do not have a negotiated contract amount on their own. (Effective 1/1/21)

Hospital Charge Master
Clinic Charge Master

Patient Responsibility Calculator
Want to know what to expect? Fill out our responsibility calculator with your visit and insurance information and find out!

Patient Responsibility